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Department of Bio Technology

HOD's Desk


The Department commenced its academic journey in the year 2008 with a vision to create a strong teaching base in the area of Biotechnology through technical knowledge dissemination to the students. The curriculum is best suited for the present day needs of the industrial sectors. The department is proud to have bright and talented students from diverse background. Students are encouraged to carry-out in-house projects, attend seminars, conferences and also to publish their research findings in peer reviewed journals. The students won many prizes in various state level symposium, extracurricular and co-curricular activities held by other institute, some of them represented college at university level.T he Department also organizes visit to research laborites and other related industries to enable students to broaden their view about the course. As a Head of Department, I am proud o say that the Department is consistently obtaining AKTU ranks and once topped the university.

About the Department

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics are specialized scientific areas focused towards providing better quality of life. Biotechnology makes use of natural biological process for the benefit of mankind. Objective- to train students in the fields of Biotechnology. Laboratories- • Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab • Environmental Biotechnology • Immunology lab • Biochemistry and Microbiology lab • Bioprocess and Fermentation Lab • Bioinformatics lab • Plant Biotech Lab Major Equipment available at Department –some of the major equipment available and in use are • Gel Documentation system • Ultracentrifuges • Fermenter • Gas Chromatography(Thermo Fischer make) • Fluorescence and absorbance ELISA reader • Double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer • BOD Incubator • Shaker Incubator • Deep Freezer • Vlife MDS software suite Besides the above-mentioned instruments minimal infrastructure facilities in all laboratories for teaching and research action.

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Sr. No. Name Designation Department Image
1 Dr. Manish Singh Rajput HOD/Incharge Bio Technology department View
2 Kalpana Katiyar Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View
3 SUSHIL KUMAR SINGH Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View
4 DR. SHWETA DIXIT Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View
5 Garima Rai Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View
6 ANSHIKA JAIN Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View
7 VARTIKA NISHAD Asst. Professor Bio Technology department View


Sr. No. Name Designation Department Image
1 Deepak Kumar Trivedi Technical Assistant Bio Technology department
2 Rajya Deepak Katiyar Technical Assistant Bio Technology department


Programme Offered(intake)

B. Tech (60)

Special Features

  • Only Govt. Institute recognized from AKTU, Lucknow offering B. Tech(Bio Technology)
  • Leading Academic and research centre of AKTU, Lucknow
  • Collaborative Projects with

  • Jubilant Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
  • Safyeast Pvt. Ltd.
  • Namaste India Foods Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mohan Gold Water breweries Ltd.
  • Major Equipments in Laboratories

  • Gas Chromatography
  • UV Visible Spectrometer
  • Cell documentation system
  • High speed and Ultra Centrifuges
  • PCR and Real time PCR
  • Bio Reactor
  • Fluorescent Microscope
  • Cell Counters
  • 96 Well plate ELISA reader
  • Computation Laboratory

Bio Informatics infrastructure facility with "V life MDS 4 Software"


BIotech Department developed Bioplastic in Lab




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  • Fourth Year

First Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Second Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Third Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Fourth Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Sr. No. Project Title Project Guide
1 Encapsulation of essential oil to be used as sourced biopesticide Kalpna More 2 Comparative study on removal of heavy metals from textile waste Kalpna More 3 A novel formulation of media from deoiled seed cake for microbial culture Kalpna More 4 Optimization of process for pyridine raffinate by using mathematical model with the help of bacterial culture from MTCC Chandigarh Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 5 Comparative and Kinetic Assessment of Pyridine Raffinate Bioremediation using Bacterial and Fungal laccase Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 6 .Construction and Optimization of Microbial Fuel Cell For Waste Treatment Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 7 Extraction, characterization of bioactive phenolic compounds from agri-food wastes and its various applications in agronomy with special references to their use in the form of pesticides Mrs. Mitali Mishra More 8 Production of Biodiesel from Municipal Sludges Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 9 Dairy effluent treatment Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 10 Antifungal Activity of Essential Oils Against RhizoctoniaSolani Ms. Anshika Jain More 11 In-Silico Study of Cellular Receptors for Alzheimer’s Disease and their Inhibition using various Phytochemicals. Kalpna More 12 Identification of Drug Targets for Dengue Virus Using Subtractive Genomic Analysis Approach Avantika agarwal More 13 Mycoremediation of Amoxicillin using Phanerochaetechrysosporium Sushil kr. Singh More 14 Screening of Natural Secondary Metabolites as Anticancer Lead Molecules via Insilico Studies Anshika Jain More 15 Frankincense oil extraction using Boswellia sacra resin including Physicochemical Analysis and volatile components check Kalpna More 16 Use of essential oils in fruit juice preservation Mrs. Mitali Mishra More 17 Retrieval of Long Non-Coding RNA Information from Various Sources of Heart Disease Avantika agarwal More 18 Studies on Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Medicinal Plants Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 19 Bioethanol Production from Different Raw Materials Using S. Cerevisiae Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 20 Reduction of Post harvest losses in fruit and vegetables using essential oils Mitali Mishra More 21 Production of electricity from different waste using MFC Kritika Pandey More 22 Biodegradation of pyridine raffinate and their residual analysis by GC-MS chromatography Dr. Manish Singh Rajput More 23 Construction and designing of MFCs in waste water treatment Kritika Pandey More 24 Sorption and desorption of heavy metal (Pb) from industrial waste water through adsorption using waste flowers Mahendra Kumar More 25 Detection and purification of water by adsorbents of heavy metals Iqra Bakhtiyar More 26 Biodiesel production from waste vegetative oil through microwave mediated transesterification Ashutosh Kumar Pandey More 27 Insilico drug designing for Alzheimer’s disease using phytochemicals Kalpna More 28 Microwave mediated lipid extraction and transesterification of microbial lipid for biodiesel production from waste water Ashutosh Kumar Pandey More 29 Increasing shelf life of dairy products by using microwave Ashutosh Kumar Pandey More 30 Efficient utilization of horticulture waste in pigment extraction and biofertilizer production Mitali Mishra More 31 Detection and Purification of Heavy Metals From Industrial Waste Water Through Adsorption Method Anshika Jain More 32 Design a Manually Curated Database of Heart Disease Ms. Avantika agarwal More 33 Green Synthesis of Copper and Silver Nanoparticles using Plant Extract Clerodendrumtrichotomum and its Antibacterial Sensitivity. Sushil kr. Singh More 34 A Novel Formulation of Fertilizer from Deoiled Seed Cake Mrs. Mitali Mishra More