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Induction Program : 2021-22

Dr. A.I.T.H. Awadhpuri, Kanpur conducted 21 days long induction program for new comer first year students of 4-year B.Tech degree course from 15th November 2021 to 04th December 2021. Director Madam, Dean Student welfare and Dean Training and Placement in inaugural address appreciated the need for conducting such informative and educative program for young engineering students. The program started with an introductory address by Prof. Rachna Asthana (Director) and Dr. Rajesh Gupta (Dean, Student Welfare) . There was an icebreaking session by Professor A. K. Nagpal (Dean Training and Placement) on the first day. On the starting of the Program 120 students were registered with 16 Mentors, which increased to 278 after spot counseling. The Entire Program was conducted in active participation and effort of Dr. D.P. Singh as Co-ordinator.


The aim of the program was to give the students who are joining the college a bird’s eye view about various dimensions of engineering and the career opportunities for the engineering students and to acquaint them with the systems and procedures of the Institute as also to give them an idea about anti ragging rules. The program aimed to establish a cordial relation between Fresher’s and their Seniors in the Institute and to give a proper orientation to the new students about the course, about engineering and about the future prospects as well as the methodology of learning to be adopted to be successful in life.


The speakers included a mix of internal and external persons. Expert lectures for the Motivation of students were done by Prof. J. Ram Kumar, IIT Kanpur; Dr. Vinay Krishna, Dr. Brijraj Singh, Dr. Seema Dwivedi, Dr. Pratibha Shukla (AKTU UII Cell), Dr. Navpreet Singh and many more from the other renounced Institutions. During the Programme about 20 teachers as mentors each as per 20 students has taken the lecture upon HVPE daily for about two hours. He also recorded the attendance of the students twice during the Programme. Most of the special and Interactive lectures were taken by All Departmental HOD’s, Deans and Coordinator of the Programme. While updating the mental and Physical status of the students, various types of Sports related activities, Literary and Cultural Activities was successfully conducted as per the schedule of the programme.


Main events/topics were covered in the induction program: yoga, motivation, Cultural, Literary, Sports Activities, communication, leadership skill, interpersonal skills, stress management, group dynamics and team building, time management, Examination Skills and New Dimensions of engineering the sessions were well received by the students. A feedback survey, done among the students, who were present orally in presence of Director and Faculty mentors on the last day, showed that around 80.85% of students surveyed were of the opinion that the program was good, 12.77% opined that the program was excellent, 8.5% opined that the program was average. 97.87% of the surveyed students opined that such program should be conducted in future. The students also pointed out to improve about the infrastructure of ground, mess, Toilets and Hostel Facility.

Student Welfare Dean Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta and Coordinator Dr. D.P. Singh delivered introductory speech to students. Speaker Prof. J. Ram Kumar IIT Kanpur delivered a seminar on Carrier Guidance and Personality Development.
Dr. Seema Dwivedi, GSVM Medical College Kanpur. Dr. Ashok Varshney Aarogya Bharti Kanpur.
Lecture on Sports Activities and Interactive Lecture Sanjeev Pathak (Bobby), International Badminton Player. Lecture on Stress Management.
Student Counseling by Dr. Mamta Sharma. Time Management By Rajdeep G.
Prof. Vinay Krishna (Cardiologist) GSVM Kanpur. Art of Living by Er. Amit G.
Expert Lecture by Dr. Brijraj Singh, Samsung RND. Expert Lecture by Dr. Pratibha Shukla (AKTU) and TPO Er. Rohit Sharma.
Expert Lecture on Skill and Attitude by Dr. Rubi Chawla. Introductory Lecture about AKTU by Assistant Registrar AKTU and Dr. Manish Singh Rajput.
Expert Lecture by Dean Academic Prof. S. K. Upadhyay and Prof A. K. Nagpal (TPO). Practice session of HVPE by Dr. D.P. Singh.
Expert Lecture on HVPE by Er. Bhanu G. Expert Lecture by DGM HR Mr. Dhanesh Chaturvedi.
Proficiency Modules (English Language) by Dr. Sonia Agrwal. Cultural Activity
Literary Activity (GD). Literary Activity
Morning Yoga in Boys Hostel. Morning Yoga in Girls Hostel.
Sports Activity Sports Activity
Blessing by the Director Prof. Rachna Asthana. Vote of Thanks By Coordinator Dr. D. P. Singh.